Saturday, 13 September 2014

Space Hulk: Rules for Tau and Chaos Space Marines

009. M3

In the cold dark of the Melbourne winter in the year 2009, from a dusty shed at four in the morning the cries of terror and my second-best Arnie voice could be heard exclaiming “Face my Assault Cannon, bitches!” as the inevitable, inexorable advance of the pesky gene stealers overran my hopes of successfully completing the mission.

That's right! It's Space Hulk time again. So it turns out as of today you can pre-order the new copy of Space Hulk from GW. If you missed it last time, make damn sure you get on it this time around. There will be cries of “Oh, but it's too esspensive!” from the denizens of the internet, but to be honest, once you've squared yourself and your wallet with GW's prices this game is a straight up bargain. At AU$190 it clocks in at $25 more than Dark Vengeance, but you get a veritable butt-tonne of miniatures and some very nice looking corridor, room and door pieces which are super fun for games of Deathwatch or Dark Heresy and any other sci-fi RPG you care to mention, or just for using in different little missions from the type in Imperial Armour IV: Anphelion Project to your own boarding actions.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Rumble in the Brunx - A Campaign Introduction


Jarl Manton Wolfen-Wolf strode onto the strategium deck of the Fjord Fjairlane as a lord enters his Court. Clad in simple brown fatigues, plain pants tucked into black, fur-lined boots and a simple tunic. The symbol of the Great Company, a skull transposed over a wolf's head silhouette on a blood-red diamond, was the only mark of his command, yet the presence of the Wolf Lord could not be ignored. Across his shoulders was draped a red cloak, trimmed with the grey pelt of a Fenrisian wolf, the alpha predators of the icy wastes of Asaheim.