Thursday, 30 October 2014

What's Tactics Precious: Space Wolf 1500pt List

Scum and Villainy unite! For a new post has come.

I was down at my FLGS the other day and I played a 1500pt game against 3 Imperial Knights, a Dreadnought and a Stormraven. I brought the following list:

Wolf Lord
-Terminator Armour
-Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield
-Wulfen Stone

Wolf Guard Terminators x4
- 2x Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield
- 2x Double Wolf Claws

Land Raider

Grey Hunters x9
-Wolf Guard Pack Leader
- Power Sword
- Power Fist
- Melta Gun

Grey Hunters x9
- Wolf Guard Pack Leader
- Power Sword
- Power Sword
- Melta Gun
- Wolf Standard

- Missile Launcher
- Twin-linked Lascannon

Swift Claws x4
- Wolf Guard Pack Leader
- Frost Sword
- Attack Bike w Mulit-Melta

Long Fangs x 5
- Lascannon
- Plasma Cannon
- Missile Luncher
- Heavy Bolter

My fresh, new Dreadnought

Now, on review, my maths on the night was terrible and the list was dreadfully short of the points. That aside, this list was just not able to deal with 3 Imperial Knights and whatever else was on the table. This is the second time I've taken my Wolves to the store and been shown the pointy end of the beat stick. 

My initial plan was to build up slowly to a Great Company with whatever models I like and just see how it goes. Though that is still the basic aim, I think I have to plan my list a little bit and work towards building a viable force before I worry about fleshing it out to a Company. With that in mind, I've come up with the following list that I think has some strength to it.

Now with Assault Cannon and Powerfist!

The List:

The Wolves Unleashed Detachment - Codex: Space Wolves

Wolf Lord
- Terminator Armour
- Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shield
- Wulfen Stone                                         210

Rune Priest
- Mastery level 2
- Plasma Pistol                                         100

Grey Hunters x10
- Wolf Guard Pack Leader
- Combi-Melta
- 2x Melta Gun                                        180

Drop Pod                                                   35

Grey Hunters x10
- Wolf Guard Pack Leader
- Power Sword
- Power Sword
- 2x Melta Gun
- Close Combat Weapons x8
- Wolf Standard                                       241

- Sky Hammer Missile Launcher            215

Grey Hunters x9
- Wolf Guard Pack Leader
- Combi-Plasma
- Plasma Gun                                           161

Drop Pod                                                   35

- Assault Cannon                                     100

Long Fangs x5
- 4x Missile Launchers
- Flakk Missiles                                       145

Land Speeder
- Multi-Melta                                             70

Total                                                      1,492 

The aim is to use the detachment rule "Cunning of the Wolf" to control my reserves and maybe use an outflank if it's available. Turn 1, Melta Hunters drop down and melt whatever threats there are to the Stormwolf or any big bad armour. Turn 2 the Stormwolf shows up with the Lord and Combat Hunters for a turn 3, furious charge from the Wulfen Stone and +1 attack from the Standard. That gives my Lord 7 attacks on the charge at S9 plus another 41 attacks, 9 of which are power weapon attacks. Turn 3 the last pod drops in with the Plasma Hunters and the Rune Priest to support or capture an objective. The Land Speeder is there to be annoying, either Deep Striking or outflanking (if I'm lucky) or maybe even starting on the board.

There's room in there to move. I think a Fenrisian Wolf for my Lord might be nice. Overall I think this is a nice, hard list that shouldn't have too many problems. There's enough anti-armour and anti-infantry to get things done and enough in the way of securing objectives. Unfortunately, a lack of Objective Secured might cause problems, but if you're that close to a pack of Wolves, you probably aren't going to see the next turn. 

What do you think of this list? 
Would you change anything?  

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