Wednesday, 1 October 2014

White Dwarf: Thoughts

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Today I want to talk about White Dwarf. I'm also going to show off some of my Space Wolves that I've been working on lately.

Njal Stormcaller

Needless to say, White Dwarf has had its problems in recent years. Everyone thinks back on the halcyon days of the magazine from the nineties. The golden age, when the magazine had painting tutorials, battle reports, new rules, stories as well as informative articles about hobby and gaming and all things Warhammer. 

Lately, however, the magazine has got itself a reputation as a glorified product catalogue that you can pay for. Reader satisfaction hit an all time low. Games Workshop tried everything they could to fix it. They got a whole new staff of writers, they bumped up the page count, and changed the overall format of the magazine, with new paper and shiny new pictures. Then they went to the new format. They split the mag in two, with White Dwarf and Warhammer: Visions. Still it's been struggling.

Lone Wolf: Sven 'Bloodwolf' Svenssonson

Then something changed. Sure, Visions is still a bit strange, as a coffee table book style that has no real place unless there is something exciting or especially pretty that you might want to look at. But the new weekly format of White Dwarf seems to have taken a turn for the better. I picked up last week's edition, with the Haemonculus on the front, and I have to say; it's actually pretty good. 

It's a short read, but it's a weekly now and there was enough in there for one or two sessions on the Throne (if you catch my drift). The biggest complaints about the magazine are the lack of rules, the lack of interesting articles and the overall "BUY THIS" vibe. 

Wolf Scout Squad: Jorek

It's hard to escape the catalogue nature of the mag, but with the weekly format and the weekly release schedule, there are only one or two things to advertise, which means it doesn't come off quite as strong as it used to. In the last edition as well, I've got to say that the quality of content has vastly improved. This edition had a set of rules for a whole new game. Sure, it's just a mini-game for your brand new shiny pretty wracks. But it's a game. We love games, right? There's also a paint splatter article, teaching you how to paint the wracks, but these are transferable skills. And there's a nice new article about how to photograph your minis (hence the photos in this post).

Wolf Scout Squad: Haakon

It seems as though, contrary to popular belief, GW has internet access. They've heard our complaints, they've read our blogs and they've addressed the issues. Brand new units, like the Stromwolf/fang, had its rules previewed in White Dwarf so us Space Wolf players could see what we were in for with the new hotness, and everyone else can see what they're going to be facing across the table. The photography article shows that GW is, in their own way, embracing the blogosphere side of the hobby. It's true, they do ask us to use these skills to send our photos into White Dwarf, but it's good information nonetheless (I found it very useful). 

All in all, I have to say, I'm impressed and I will probably shell out the 6 bucks next week.

So that's the end of my butt-kissing session.
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White Dwarf.
How are my Wolves coming along?
PS. Hopefully the atrocious formatting disaster of last week
is a thing of the past. Lessons learned.

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