Saturday, 15 November 2014

Battles, Battles, Battles

Alright! Hey, everyone. Woohoo! Yeah, exciting!

So I haven't posted in a while, and for that I am deeply sorry. The reason (excuse) I'm going to use is that I've been busy actually playing games and doing hobby stuff!

A couple of weeks back I played a big ol' 2,500 point battle of Warhammer Fantasy against my nemesis Jimzan the Everliving. He brought his Vampire Counts, I brought my High Elves and it was a blast! I highly recommend you go check out the great report he wrote up by clicking the link.


The battle was themed around the Melbourne Cup, a big horse race held every November in Melbourne (It's a pretty big deal, it's a public holiday and everything). To suit the occasion I took a cavalry heavy list with a big block of Silver Helms, two units of Ellyrian Reavers, some Dragon Princes, two chariots and  Prince on a Dragon among other bits and pieces to round out my force.

Armies square off on the field of battle!

I'm going to put it out there: I love Warhammer Fantasy! Now, for me 40k is the ultimate fluff universe. It's High Space Fantasy on a grand scale with all the aliens, technology, magic, intrigue and grim-dark you could want in a fictional setting. But the game of Fantasy just bumps it up to another level. The ranks of soldiers charging into one another and the monsters chomping their way through said ranks is a visual delight. I love that a Wizard can cast a spell and something can go horribly wrong, causing him to explode, taking out half a unit of Spearmen with him. There's just the right level of random happenings in Fantasy to make it a real delight to play.

Don't want to get sunburnt!

Post Battle Thoughts

As you've no doubt guessed, this battle was a lot of fun. It was quite close, even though it didn't feel that way at times. Ive often heard it said that deployment is the most important phase of Fantasy, where games are won and lost. I think this game really hit that home for me. I deployed my army fairly evenly; I had my dragon in the middle to move to any threats or squishy targets. The Prince on the dragon was joined in the middle by the block of Silver Helms and a unit of Swordmasters. On the right was a unit of Dragon Princes and a Lion Chariot to flank, and a unit of Reavers to run up the flank and take out the Corpse Cart that I knew would be sitting in the back field, buffing Jimzan's army. 

The left side of the board had a unit of Reavers, my Tiranoc Chariot and a unit of Swordmasters with a Mage. Behind this front wall of swift-moving damage dealers was a unit of archers and two Bolt Throwers, one on each side of the board for the most coverage. As I deployed first, Jimzan had the opportunity to deploy a bit reactively, and he did it very well. He saw that my left side of the board was considerably squishier than the right and deployed his Terrorgheist, Varghulf, Vargheists and Black Knights to take advantage of that. They were able, in two turns, to maraud their way across the board and in behind my lines. 

On the right, the Ghoul King, Jimzan himself, was able to hold up and eventually defeat my Lion Chariot and Dragon Princes. That's the other thing I learnt in this battle. Ghoul Kings are HARD. This guy remained pretty much unscathed until he met my Prince and his Dragon, Pinky, in combat. Even then, he came out on top. 

 Pesky Undead with the Chalice

This game had it all. There were swooping Dragons and Terrorgheists mauling all in their path. There were columns of shining knights smashing into ranks of brittle skeletons, there was even a haunted forest, thanks to Jimzan deciding to hide his banshee in there, where she proceeded to do nothing much for the whole game. It was great and I can't wait to get into a bit more Fantasy fighting.

Have you been battling in the Old World recently?

Tune in next time, where I'll be talking about painting my High Elves.

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  1. Great stuff, loved reading about the battle. Even though you lost it sounded like you did a lot of damage first. Its particularly impressive since it sounded like you deployed your entire army first, letting him re actively deploy after. Slipping the reavers through after the corpse cart sound like a great move too.

    Reading that battle, it sounded like your prince on the dragon (Good ol' pinky) plowed through like 2 units before finally meeting his end. Did he pay his points back?

    I notice you had two units of Sword Masters. Why pick them over the other High Elf elite infantry?

    Fantastic painting on those models. Can't wait to see more. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the report. Being such a quick army, it was always going to do a lot of damage, very quickly, the only issue is managing the inevitable battle of attrition. I think I'll use some seaguard next time to come in later and support my initial wave.
      I'm not sure if the Prince made his points back, he was a hefty 500 points, but he did pretty well to take out as much as he did. Overall I was impressed with how he did and I think I'm pretty sold on that particular build.
      To be honest, I used two units of swordmasters because they were the models I have. But also I've always really liked the idea of peerless swordsmen and they look really nice. I think I might get some White Lions in the future, or maybe some phoenix guard. They can be pretty nasty.