Thursday, 9 April 2015

DIY Rules for 40k: Editorial Rant

Alright, engage rant.

I am so fricking sick of hearing people trot out the same crap. You can't go a day without someone bitching about how X army is broken or Y army hasn't been updated in years or the whole game is completely useless and not playable (though the fact that the vast majority of gamers play this game would suggest it is). It's not balanced, it doesn't match the fluff, it's not designed for tournaments, there aren't enough FAQs, it's not play-tested or it's not realistic.

Shut up! Enough already. We live in the age of the internet. You can open your computer, tap a keyboard, leave a semi-coherent thought on a forum and engage with someone all the way on the other side of the world. The beauty of this is that we are able to engage with people who share our passions and interests who we may never have known even existed otherwise.

What's my point? Am I just going to bitch about bitching? No. What I am going to do is offer a solution. The other day on Faeit212, there was a response from GW about round bases in WHFB. The gist of the response was "we have your money, do whatever you want with the models". Now, obviously they mean in the sense of basing them however we want. BUT, the next day, Mantic came out and said "hey, you've got a sweet Fantasy army, why not play it using our rules?"

This begs the question: why don't we just come up with our own rules? I'll admit guilt here. I, like most of you, am too busy and too lazy to write my own rules system. But I'm also big enough to admit that I'm in no way qualified or gifted enough to write an all encompassing and coherent rule set for a game. But I remember before Forgeworld released Legion rules and the Horus Heresy supplement, BoLS did it first. Sadly, I never got the chance to play it, but by all accounts it was a heap of fun. Surely one of us, or a select group of us are interested and skilled enough to do this. Call it Fight-Weapon 40million and put it out there. Make a dedicated forum and when people piss and moan on it, ask them why they don't like it and try to find a way to fix it.

At the end of the day, GW want to be just a model company, they're not interested in creating a rule set that accurately reflects the game while also being a truly balanced and competition ready game. That's fine. Let's take that in our stride and get cracking on a sweet new game that lets us use some of the best miniatures available in a game that satisfies our urge to beat face.

Fluff bunnies can stick to 40k official, and even the hardcores will still play it for funsies from time to time.

It's just a thought. 
Any ideas?


  1. I've thought of that too and I'm in the process of writing a new rulebook and some codices. This work will of course represent what I prefer but I really want others to enjoy my rule system. I'm a Chaos fanatic but at least the first three codices I'll write will not be Chaos factions at all - you see, I'm also a 40k fanatic - and I would love for people to enjoy exciting codices which really makes you feel, that you're right in the middle of your favourite army.
    As of now, I've read a lot of complaints about the existing rule system and took them into consideration while writing, but I constantly need to hear how people enjoy their games and what they miss in their current codex.
    I guess that all I can do is to start some threads on, when I need info, but if you have any thoughts on how I can get to talk to people, I would be thankful!

    1. Dude, it's great to hear that you're working on your own rules. Quick question: are you using the existing 40k mechanic as a base, or are you building a ground-up system that's completely new?
      Do you have a blog? Start a blog. This would be the best as it would be a good way to have a chronological and consistent place for all your work, musings, questions and ideas to go.
      Start a post on Dakka, WargamerAU, BolterandChainsword, BoLS Lounge or Warseer. They're the big ones I see popping up. Don't be afraid to just copy and paste the same post to each of them, there are different people who read those forums and they all have their own ways of playing and their own interpretations of how to play/fix the game. Then link those posts to your blog.
      The aim, I guess is to get someone to play it and let you know. If you have a group you play with, they would be great, but echo-chambers are never good. The good thing about the net is that it's brutally honest. The bad thing is that most of it will be theory hammer.

      Thanks for reading and good luck with your game! I'd be keen to see how it works out

    2. I almost forgot.

    3. I guess you could say, I'm using the existing 40k mechanic as a base but there's some key differences:

      - It's a D10 system.
      - Armour save modifiers are back.
      - A single unit profile for all units.
      - Warlords are out.
      - Psychic Powers are chosen and bought.
      - Players take one phase each instead of one whole turn.
      - Using Psychic Powers will probably be like Warhammer Fantasy 8. edition.

      There's a certain game mechanic which I'm very thrilled about but which I'll probably wont reveal until I'm done.

      Basically this game system will probably be less random - I'll probably have to eat those words again but I'm sure it wont be more random. The game will definitely be more dynamic and hopefully more exciting.

      I'm constantly comparing chances of certain events (most the chances of one model killing another) with the chances of it happening in the 7. edition so I more or less can tailor the rules towards my and the majority's liking - though we may be surprised about what we really want, eh guys?

      Currently doing the Black Templars and the Eldar and writing the rulebook as things come up. I have no idea when it'll be finished as I'm studying and have kids... Little punks ;) Because of this I can't promise to work on it regularly, so I think posts in forums are best for now.