Thursday, 23 April 2015

X-Wing Battle Report

What's that? You sense a disturbance in the force? Could it be that great, big, hulking Decimator flying right at us?!

A nice bit of editing by Camcloud

For christmas, my old buddy and oldest enemy of the table top, Paul, got me the Decimator! This week, I finally got the opportunity to take it for a quick spin around the galaxy.

First off, I want to rave about this ship for a bit. It's awesome! It's a really nice model, full of the details we've come to expect from FFG's X-Wing series. It also comes with its own mission and some cool 'debris' tokens as well as the usual movement dial, upgrade cards and tokens. In terms of game play, this ship is nice and forgiving for people who seem to be drunk whenever they get in the cockpit (like myself). It's got a hefty 12 HP and 4 Shields, meaning it will survive almost anything thrown at it. Also, if you take Captain Oicunn (they didn't take Aussies into account when they came up with that one), you can cause damage to any ships you run into. It also has the handy 'Tactical Jammer' upgrade that means the ship counts as an obstruction, giving your fragile Imperial ships some nice mobile cover. Being a 'Large Ship', this means you can effectively screen your whole fleet. It's also good to note that this upgrade can be given to any 'Large Ship', so your YT-1300 or Lambda Shuttle will benefit just as well.

The Lists
Paul went nice and fluffy for this one.

Han Solo - YT-1300
- Millenium Falcon
- Chewbacca
- Weapons Engineer
- Marksmanship
- Cluster Missiles

Luke Skywalker - X-Wing
- R2-D2
- Marksmanship
- Proton Torpedoes

I went for a trial run with the Decimator, with a TIE Fighter escort.

Captain Oicunn - VT-49 Decimator
- Ruthlessness
- Ysaane Isard
- Rebel Captive
- Fleet Officer
- Tactical Jammer
- Proton Bombs

Dark Curse - TIE Fighter

Mauler Mithel - TIE Fighter
- Stealth Device
- Expert Handling

Turn 1

Han and Luke rather sensibly moved up in a straight line. Trying to be tricksy, the TIE Fighters got mixed up and flew AWAY from the battle! Mauler slammed right into an asteroid, losing his first HP.
We weren't clear on how asteroids affect Stealth Device, but as the card says "suffers damage from an attack" we kept it on.

Turn 2

It was all a ruse! The two TIEs swung around, back towards the battle, while Luke and Han focussed fire on the Decimator. The Imperial ship lost its shields and suffered a bunch of hits. It retaliated in kind, but Chewbacca valiantly sacrificed himself to repair the damage on the Falcon.

'Tis but a flesh wound!

Turn 3

With Han and Luke caught up in my trademark "cluster-fuck" move, I dropped my Proton Bombs into the tightly packed field. This, coupled with the TIE Fighters closing the noose, led to the death of Skywalker. Not even R2-D2 could repair that damage. Enraged, Han continued to pour shots into the Decimator, scoring a critical hit! Captain Oicunn's Pilot Skill dropped to 0.

Turn 4

With a bit of shuffling and repositioning, the Imperial ships prepared for another assault on the Rebels. 

Turn 5

The two big ships slowly wing their way around. Mauler Mithel performs a daring K-Turn, while Han blasts away at the Decimator with his turret-mounted weapons. The ponderous ship is unable to evade the shots and takes it on the chin.

Turn 6

Solo flies away, skilfully piloting his ship out of the TIE Fighter's arc, denying him a clean shot. The Decimator turns and continues its inexorable advance toward the Falcon. Slowly but surely, his shields depleted, Han Solo is being whittled away by the Imperial forces.

I have you now, Solo!
Turn 7-8

Dark Curse stresses himself out trying not to fly off the edge of reality with a K-Turn. Solo, ever the thrill seeker skirts the very edge of the galaxy, while calmly pumping more fire into the Decimator.

New debris token!

Eager for the kill, Captain Oicunn gives the order for ramming speed! Unfortunately he misjudges the distance and is blasted apart by the Falcon's blaster turrets. But Dark Curse is riding up his tail and puts the final shots into the Falcon. A sad day for the galaxy as the Rebel heroes are cleaned up by the Imperial patrol.


One thing this game reminded me of is that Luke and R2, although the obvious pairing for Star Wars fans, really isn't the best combo. It's not a big deal, it's just a shame. Chewy and Han work well together, maximising damage out-put with Han's re-rolls and survivability with Chewy's repair skills. It would be nice if Luke and R2 had a similar synergy to their design.


All in all, this battle was a lot of fun. One of my favourite things about X-Wing is that it's so easy to set up and play a game within a couple of hours in an afternoon, even when playing at a leisurely pace. The Decimator was great and really soaked up the punishment. I can't wait to tinker with it and see what nasty combos I can come up with. 

In blog news, I want to give a big shout out to BoLS and Faeit212. These great blogs have accepted me into their blog rolls, and helped pump the traffic. So if you're a blogger, I'd recommend hitting them up.
But tell me: What ships are running these days?
What's your favourite kill-all combo?


  1. Wow that ship takes an insane amount of damage!!!

    1. It sure does! But it needs to with a natural agility of 0. Thanks for reading!