Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Dark Mechanicus: A New Project

As of this weekend, Games Workshop has put the first units for Cult Mechanicus up for pre-order. There are a few pictures of the coming releases floating around the web and if you haven't seen them, I recommend you hunt them down.

These new releases (and this month's Blanchitsu in Warhammer: Visions) have got the creative juices flowing and I've spent the past weekend getting my mad scientist on. There's a bit of a twist though, I'm going Dark Mech. The Dark Mechanicum has always been one of the more compelling factions for me in 40k, and the new Ad-Mech models means I can finally get an army going without having to stretch my limited modelling skills.

The idea is that my Iron Warriors force will be allied to a small force of a Dark Magos and some crazy mechanical monsters. The derranged Magos (yet to be named) works with the Warpsmith to devise new and horrifying Daemon Engines for the Iron Warriors. Eventually, I think it would be cool to have it as its own stand-alone force, but they'll probably just work as a smaller detachment for now.

I'm not sure if I want to use the Cult Mechanicus book for the army, but I'm leaning towards using Codex: Chaos Space Marines. I think a Magos (Sorcerer), a Warpsmith, a few units of Cultists as servitors/dark Skitarii, some daemon engines and a few Spawn will be effective and quite nicely themed.

Here are a few Techno-Spawn that I knocked up over the weekend:

 Scuttling madness and bladed claws

 A ball of mechanical tentacles. What's scarier than that?

A daemon, lobotomised and grafted to mechanical bits to 
improve his combat abilities!

I'm excited to get this army built up and on the table, and try to get a few games in. I think it would be fun to play, mainly because it won't necessarily play like a typical Chaos Space Marine army. I don't plan on using any standard Marine vehicles or even any power-armoured models except of course for the Warpsmith and Magos.

What do you think of my mechanical abominations?
Have you got any plans for an Ad Mech army? 

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