Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Warpsmith

Greetings, corpse worshipers. Look upon his works and know despair. The Warpsmith comes, sowing discord and destruction. With his engines of war he will crush his enemies to dust...

Corporal Wiggins of the 352nd Cadian Infantry let loose a wet scream of fear and pain as the servitor's bewitched blades sawed into his flesh. For three days he had endured the torture, unable to retreat into unconsciousness due to the drugs and stimulants coursing through his veins.
"Why are you doing this?" He managed to drool the question through a rictus of pain.
The Warpsmith whirled from his work bench, his mechatendrils lashing out, slicing into the corporal's flesh.
"Why, why, why, why, why? Everybody has spent so long wondering 'why', that nobody thought to ask: 'Why not?' My work will show those pathetic Martians that all their doctrines and rules will be useless when the true test comes."

I was very fortunate recently to receive a brand, spanking new Warpsmith from my girlfriend for my birthday a few weeks back. This was a perfect addition to my Chaos Space Marine army. Having long been a fan of the Iron Warriors, I thought a Warpsmith would be the perfect (and natural) choice for my Warlord.

My idea for this guy is to make him the constant HQ choice in my Iron Warriors. He is the master of his war band, lending out his martial strength and the use of his daemon engines to other warlords, in exchange for knowledge or artefacts. 

The Warpsmith is on an endless quest for knowledge. He will do anything and travel anywhere to expand his knowledge. He has travelled extensively through the Warp and Real Space, hunting down relics and forgotten tomes to better learn how to bind daemons, men and machines so that he might create ever-more horrific and monstrous Daemon Engines with which to smite the warriors of the Imperium. 

None know of his origins. All that is known is guessed. He appears to have had some teachings from the Adepts of Mars, whether as a techmarine or a Magos is not known. He has no name, simply referred to as "The Warpsmith". His allies do not accept his assistance willingly, but the Warpsmith is not against decimating a would-be ally's forces to encourage them to accept his help. 

I quite like Warpsmiths. The model is incredible. Although a bitch to build, it was a joy to paint. I managed to knock him over in just a few hours, much to my delight. On the battlefield he's not too shabby. He's a great utility character, sitting back and repairing his vehicles and daemon engines, while cursing the enemy's vehicles and shattering their defences. With 4 attacks at S5 (with the axe) he's no slouch in combat either. Two wounds, however, leaves him vulnerable and I'd rather keep him out of the action if possible.

Stay tuned for reports of his exploits as he scours the Universe for relics and knowledge to further the Dark Gods' wicked ends.

Let me know what you think of The Warpsmith in the comments.
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  1. Great lookin warp smith! Lots of great work done on him

  2. Looks so cool! Its really a great example of making mechanisms seem monstrous.

    Loved the short story intro. Poor Wiggins. Still, with a name like that, he was totally asking for it.

  3. You forgot to mention the BS5 Melta Gun as part of his harness.

    1. Definitely! Not to mention that he can fire that and his bolt pistol or his flamer in one turn and still charge.

      Thanks for reading!