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Blood and Iron: Blood Angels v Chaos Space Marines Battle Report

Today we bring you a battle report between Jordash's Blood Wardens, a Blood Angels successor chapter, and Lord Manton's Iron Warriors.

The Blood Wardens' home world of Tor is a feudal world in its Iron Age. A fiercely proud warrior caste holds sway over the planet. Warriors of skill and bravery set out on crusades, seeking out deeds of heroism and glory so that they might be taken up by the Angels, joining their exalted ranks to wage war in the name of the Emperor across the stars. 

In the dying days of the Horus Heresy the people of Tor reverted to the worship of their ancestral gods. The great beings of the Warp heard their prayers, opening a Warp Rift in the Grand Temple, the ancient nexus of the old religions on Tor. A chapter of the Blood Angels, the Blood Wardens, cleansed Tor of the taint of Chaos, forcing the evil denizens of the Warp back into the Rift. For millennia the Blood Wardens guarded the Rift, keeping its true nature secret from the Imperium and the people of Tor. 

After millennia guarding the rift, the call of glory and adventure was too strong for the Blood Wardens to ignore. When the corruption of Tor was little more than myth and legend, they heeded the call of their brother chapters and joined the Bloodied Wing crusade, purging xenos and heretic alike.

Returning from crusade, the Blood Wardens found the Warp Rift unguarded. The Warpsmith and his Iron Warriors had emerged from the Rift, trying to secure a foothold in real space to bring terror and death to the Imperium...

Mission: The Emperor's Will

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

1500 points

Iron Warriors

The Warpsmith - Aura of Dark Glory (Warlord)

Captain Fa'arken - Chaos Lord -  Terminator Armour, 2x Lightning Claws, Combat Familiar, Gift of Mutation

CSM x10 - Aspiring Champion, Powerfist, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter, Icon of Vengeance, Veterans of the Long War
Rhino - Havoc Launcher

Cultists x20 - Champion, Autoguns, Heavy Stubber, Flamer


Thousand Sons x9 - Aspring Champion has Tzeentch's Firestorm.

Obliterators x3 - Veterans of the Long War

Vindicator - Siege Shield

Predator - Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons, Dozer Blade.                    1500 pts

Lord Manton: 
My idea with this army is basically a defensive gun line. Being Iron Warriors, I maxed out my Heavy Support choices with the two tanks and the Obliterators. These would sit in the backfield, pumping out fire support for my troops, hopefully pinning the fast-moving, assault oriented Blood Wardens. This would allow my units to lay down fire and soften my opponent's units before Captain Fa'arken could lead his warriors into combat to finish the job. I wasn't planning on taking the Blood Wardens' objective, instead relying on holding my own objective and hopefully scoring First Blood and Slay the Warlord to tip the balance of Victory Points my way.

Blood Wardens

The Sanguinor (Warlord)

Jordash 'the Magnificent' Magnus - 'Master' Librarian - Mastery Level 2, Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol

Father Egregious - Sanguinary Priest - Jump Pack, Power Sword

Chaplain Lemartes

Lucius Vorenus - Death Company Dreadnought - Blood Talons, heavy Flamer, Magna Grapple

Death Company x6 - Jump Packs, 4x Power Weapons, Power Fist, Hand Flamer

Assault Marines x10 - 2x Infernus Pistols, Veteran Sergeant with Thunder Hammer and Melta Bombs

Land Speeder - Multi-Melta

Baal Predator - Heavy Bolter Sponsons                         1,508 pts

In all honesty my main focus in building this list was simply playing all the characters and vehicles I'd recently painted. This didn't leave much room for strategy, and only 650 points, which I spent on Assault Marines and Death Company units so that I would have at least some infantry, and jump pack units seemed the logical choice to keep up with the vehicles. I ended up with a small elite army, but that's nothing new for me. More importantly it was fast, with considerable firepower and a blistering second turn assault; everything a Blood Angels player needs. As usual my plan would be simple: charge, bathe in the blood of my foes, eat their hands, and then use the Blood Angels' speed to scramble for the objectives around turn 4 or 5 if I had to. (Unbeknownst to Jordash, he brought an Unbound list. Lord Manton called shenanigans. Much fun was had).


Laurie deployed his Blood Wardens as close to the edge of his deployment zone as he could. The bulk of his army mustered behind the Shrine of the Aquila on his right flank, while the Death Company moved down the left. Jordash placed his objective behind the trees.

Jordash: The middle of the board was very open, and I was sure a vindicator would be covering that ground. So I had to use the flanks for cover, and couldn't fit them all down the closer edge. So I put the fast, tough and ill fated Death Company on the left flank, hoping they could move through cover to attack Manton's main firebase from behind. It wouldn't work out...

Lord Manton: I deployed my Iron Warriors in a standard 'Castle' deployment in my right corner. Being the slave to the narrative that he is, Jordash chose the 'wilderness' side of the table (as the Blood Wardens tried to reclaim their lost city), allowing me to set up a strong defensive position in the ruined city. The statue in the middle was my objective.

Turn 1

The Blood Wardens wasted no time, swinging around the ruined shrine. The Landspeeder took aim at the Vindicator with its multi-melta and... BOOM! With one shot, the Vindicator exploded. Shrapnel and fire blasted out 5" from the wreckage, taking down 5 of the cultists, including the unit champion and the heavy stubber. A decisive first blow for the Blood Wardens, taking First Blood and taking out the big gun. The Death Company moved around the missile silo, taking cover. Jordash the Magnificent cast Endurance on himself and his squad, giving them a handy 4+ Feel no Pain.

Where the vindicator used to sit.

The Iron Warriors' response was lacklustre at best. The rhino moved up to close the gap in the defences, creating a wall of armour. The Helbrute aimed his multi-melta at the landspeeder and missesd. The Predator opened up on the Death Company Dreadnought, either missing or failing to cause any damage with its guns. The Thousand Sons opened fire on Jordash and his unit of Assault Marines as they moved around the shrine. The Psyker's protective bubble allowed the Assault Marines to save most of the AP3 shots with Feel No Pain, taking no casualties. The Iron Warriors' combined heavy bolter and plasma gun fire, managed to strip the landspeeder of its hull points, bringing it down. Surely The Warpsmith had angered the Gods somehow.

Turn 2

The Blood Wardens continued to press their advance. Jordash led his squad forward, toward the Thousand Sons, looking to engage the ancient automata in combat. Moving forward, the Death Company Dreadnought and the Baal Predator combined their firepower, stripping the rhino of its hull points, leaving it a smoking wreck, but still blocking the Wardens' path into the city. The Death Company continued to sneak around, taking cover amongst the alien flora on the outskirts of the ruined city.

In the Assault Phase the Assault Squad fired their jump packs, charging into the Thousand Sons. The Aspiring Sorcerer issued a challenge; the squad's Sergeant accepted, keen to slay the traitor. The Thousand Sons killed 3 Assault Marines with overwatch with their Inferno Bolts. The Assault Marines struck back, seeking vengeance for their fallen brothers. They took down five of the traitors in combat, but the Aspiring Sorcerer, spurred by the will of the Gods, brought down the sergeant before he could swing his hammer. The Gods rewarded the sorcerer with Eternal Warrior (useless on a single wound model). The fearless Thousand Sons locked the Assault Marines down in combat.

The Gods were displeased with the Warpsmith's war band. The Helbrute failed to penetrate the Baal Predator's front armour with his Multi-melta, even in the sweet spot, within 12". The Iron Warriors' Predator hit the Death Company Dreadnought, who made his cover save. The Obliterators managed to kill 4 of the approaching Death Company with their assault cannons. Feeling the power of Chaos coursing through his withered veins, the Aspiring Sorcerer issued a challenge to Jordash. The Librarian failed to injure the sorcerer, who took a wound off the Blood Warden Librarian. In the same combat, the Assault Marines kill a further 2 Thousand Sons. Just one Rubric Marine remained standing to protect the sorcerer. The Assault Marines took no further casualties. 

 Turn 3

The Blood Wardens were truly relentless in their advance. Not giving the Iron Warriors a minute's respite, they pushed further into the ruined city. The cultists let out shrieks of pain and terror as the Dreadnought unleashed his Heavy Flamer and Frag Cannon. 11 heretics fell, their flesh melting from their bones. The Baal Predator tore the Helbrute's Multi-Melta from its hull with a burst of its Assault Cannons. 

In the Assualt Phase, Lucius, the Death Company Dreadnought charged into his blighted cousin, the Helbrute, his Blood Talons tearing through the corrupted armour, bringing it down. The Sanguinor waded into the melee with the Thousand Sons. Performing a heroic intervention, he slew the Sorcerer and saved Jordash from his cursed blade. Unstoppable in his fury, the Sanguinor cleaved through the remaining Thousand Sons marine, freeing the Assault Squad from combat.

On the other side of the table, the Death Company charged into the side of the Predator. Fuelled by the Red Thirst, the Death Company destroyed the tank with their bare hands.

Freed from the combat with the Thousand Sons, the Sanguinor presented as a target to the Iron Warriors, who managed to strip a wound off him with gun fire. The Obliterators turned their attention to the Lucius. Morphing their limbs into lascannons, they let loose and exploded the ancient hero. Using his mechatendrils like spider's legs, the Warpsmith scuttled over the ruins and wrecked Predator behind the Death Company. He killed one with his flamer and another with his meltagun. With nothing to lose, the Waprsmith charged into combat with the Chaplain. The Blood Warden hero landed a blow with his Crozius Arcanum, but the holy weapon is no match for the dark protection of the Chaos Gods. In response, the Warpsmith's axe and mechatendrils flensed the flesh from the Chaplain. Truly dissatisfied with The Warpsmith, the Gods declare it an unworthy offering.

Meanwhile, Captain Fa'arken charged into the Assault squad howling a challenge to Jordash. The Librarian, displaying the cowardice of the Emperor's lap dogs, denied the challenge, scurrying behind his brothers. Frustrated and furious, the Chaos Lord killed 2 marines, leaving 5 remaining. Not to be outmatched by the Champion of the Damned, the Assault Marines dealt 2 wounds in return. 

Turns 4 & 5

Seeing that the battle was all but won for the Blood Wardens, the Sanguinor returned to whatever realm he inhabits and the Baal Predator gunned its turbo-charged engines to claim the Blood Wardens' objective. Captain Fa'arken killed a further Marine before being crushed under the Furioso Dreadnaught's power fists. The Iron Warriors in the ruins managed to bring down the Furioso with Plasma fire and a thrown Krak grenade.

The Assault Marines swept into the cultists, ignoring their cries for mercy and repentance, bathing in their blood in the name of the Blood Go... Emperor. 

Blood Wardens Win 8 - 0

Having the two objectives, Line breaker, and First Blood, the Blood Wardens record a resounding victory, taking the city from the Iron Warriors.

Brother Octavian stopped gnawing on the cultist's freshly cleaved hand.
"What is it, brother? Too corrupted for your sophisticated palate?"
Octavian gestured toward the crushed corpse of the Chaos Lord, lying in the city's ruined plaza. His blood was pooling beneath his crushed corpse, mixing with that of the slain Blood Wardens. He suddenly rose into the air in a geyser of blood and horrific, red bale flame. 
"Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! In the name of Khorne, taker of skulls, I am risen. Face me and know your doom!"

Lord Manton:
Although the scoreline would suggest otherwise, this was a tense and hard-fought battle on both sides. The Iron Warriors had some unlucky rolling early on in the piece, which really blunted their defence. That said, Jordash played really well, sweeping in hard and fast, taking full advantage of the early gains. Retreating with the Sanguinor and the Baal Predator was a stroke of cowardly genius. It denied me the chance to scrape back with Slay the Warlord and ensured a tasty 3 point objective if all didn't go to plan in the city square. It would be doing Jordash a grave disservice to say that the dice played a significant role in his victory.

I hope you enjoyed the battle report as much as we enjoyed playing it. Tune in next time to see what will happen in the War for Tor.

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