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Swords for Hire: Malifaux Viktorias Crew

From the fires of destruction an old foe rises to sow terror and despair. That's right! Lord Manton is back from the wilderness to show off a recently completed project: Viktorias Crew; Malifaux 2nd Edition.

I'm back from a long, long break from blogging and I think I'll start with some 'splaining for you all. I think it's been something close to 5 months since my last post. I was talking about a tournament my club was running(Brunswookies Represent!). It went ahead and was an absolutely smashing success. I'll put up a wrap-up of the tourney as a whole, as well as my own progress and thoughts from the games in due time.

Just because I've been away from the keyboard, it doesn't mean I haven't been hobbying. In fact, my hobby has been going great guns of late. I was busy with a new job, then no job, then a new job. Basically this meant I had to prioritise my hobby time more effectively. I decided that the hobby had to come before the blog, and so I dived into games, tournaments, painting and building, and boy! Have I gotten a lot done! All will be revealed in time. But for now, on with the topic at hand...


Sometimes, bad things happen. luckily, Malifaux is not one of those things. If you don't know, Malifaux is a Steampunk Table-top Skirmisher. It's set in a (quite literally) parallel universe with a bit of the Old West, some Gothic Horror, Victorian Steampunk and an added touch of Oriental Mysticism. It has a novel approach to combat determination in that it uses a standard 52-card deck to see whether your attacks and abilities are successful. It activates model-by-model with a new initiative every turn, meaning that the game is fast-flowing and always on a knife's edge.

Also, the models are STUNNING! For the second edition of the game (M2E) Wyrd updated their old metal range with a host of gorgeous multi-part plastics that are crisp, detailed and oh so spindly. My crew, below, is a mix of the old metals and the new plastics. The 32mm Heroic scale lets them keep the proportions pretty neat so you don't have the deformed/stylised look that other wargames offer.

The Viktorias

These are my Viktorias that I've painted up. The one on the left is Viktoria of Ashes, she's the leader of the crew and the lynch-pin of the whole shebang. She's devestating in combat, albeit a bit of a glass cannon.

To her right is Viktoria of Blood. Whirling Death-nado is how I would describe her. With super speed and paired katana, Viktoria of Ashes' sister is an absolute beast on the battle field. She will happily slice through an entire crew of minions in a turn or two, only stopping when the last drop of blood hits the ground.

For the colour scheme, I went with a yin and yang approach to compliment their battle field roles. The yellow and purple contrast well, while their hair and scabbards alternate between blue and pink.


Taelor is a Henchman class character. This means she can hold her own against most foes, and even lead her own crew in smaller games. Her hammer and pneumatic arm have some nice rules giving her a boosted melee range and added effectiveness against constructs and summoned creatures. She's definitely the muscle of the crew, dishing out the pain, while absorbing everything that's thrown at her with Hard to Kill, Hard to Wound, and high Defence and Wounds stats.

Although the whole crew are mercenaries, I wanted Taelor to stand out a bit. Mainly because of the hammer (she's the only member not wielding a sword). I figure she's a bit of a lone-wolf, so I gave her the survivalist's colour scheme.

I really love the way she's confidently striding forward, letting her enemy know that they're next!


Finally, we have the Ronin. These ladies have no master and will take absolutely zero shit from anyone. Although not particularly tough, they can't be charged ('cos they're disguised apparently) and their Next Target ability lets them jump in and out of combat, dealing damage but not getting bogged down. And if that doesn't work, they can sacrifice themselves with honour, giving you 2 soul stones (invaluable for keeping Viktoria(s) alive) or 2 new cards for your Fate Hand.

I've done a bit of a 'pick 'n' mix' with these ladies. The far-left is a Joker tribute, her smirk lends itself quite well to the Clown's sadistic nature. The one in the middle is a bit of a Sailor Moon and finally the one of the right is an old school Yakuza deserter. With her snappy, white suit she'll go from swindling you in a casino to slicing your throat in the alley without the need for any pesky costume changes.

I really love this crew. Overall I've tried to get an anime meets Kill Bill vibe. There's something about a gang of badass ladies who'll just mess your shit up that appeals to me. So far I've not been successful on the table-top, but once I get a few more games under my belt, I think these gals will really put the hurt on my opponents and hopefully start bringing in the sweet, sweet Soul Stones.

Until next time...

I just need to get my hands on the Student of Conflict
plastic mini (the metal one is fugly as sin),
and this crew is done!
I think I'm most proud that I've actually *finished* an army 
for a system. It's a nice feeling.
What do you think?

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