Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Showcase: Wolf Lord

Wolf Lord Manton steps out of our imaginations and onto the battlefield. I've painted him up and he's ready to go!

Jarl Manton Wulfenwolf is a legend of the Vlka Fenryka. For centuries he has burned heretics, purged daemons and killed xenos. His mighty moustache of power strikes fear into the hearts of his foes, and steels the resolve of his battle brothers. 

Manton wears an ancient suit of Tactical Dreadnought Armour. Legend has it that the cuirass was worn by a hero of the sixth legion in the Great Crusade. Passed down through the millennia, it now offers Lord Manton unparalleled protection. Like a savage necklace, Manton's armour is adorned with the skulls of vanquished foes, daemon and heretic alike. Ancient runes of protection were carved into the skulls by the Rune Priests so that Russ may guide Manton through battle and witness his acts of glory. Across his shoulders, Wulfenwolf wears the pelt of a Thunderwolf, slain bare-handed in the mountains of Asaheim. The Jarl's armour bears the two-headed wolf symbol of Morkai on his left shin guard. Wulfenwolf took this symbol as his Great Company sigil as he, like the ancient Fenrisian deity, is the gatekeeper to the underworld. By the swing of his hammer does Manton admit his enemies to the realms of the dead. Jarl Manton carries a great Thunder Hammer into battle. The head of this ornate weapon has been crafted to resemble Morkai. Manton also carries a Storm Shield. The power field offers him all the protection he needs so that he can charge head-long into combat against the most horrific enemies of the All Father.

At his waist, Jarl Manton wears the Wulfen Stone. This small, obsidian charm glows with shamanic power. The Great Wolf, Logan Grimnar, ordered the chapter's Rune Priests to fashion this amulet for Manton upon his ascension to Wolf Lord. As a Grey Hunter, Manton fought a desperate battle against the traitorous Thousand Sons. In the swirl of combat, such was his rage and fury that the Curse of the Wulfen came over him. His fangs grew and claws sprouted from his fingers; Manton lost all control and slaughtered an entire unit of Rubric Marines, decapitating their sorcerous leader. After the battle, Manton miraculously returned from the edge of madness to regain his composure. From that point on he carried the name Wulfenwolf and was branded with a facial tattoo, marking him as touched by the Curse. Despite this flaw, Manton fought on for a century as a Wolf Guard of Jarl Svengard. Upon Svengard's death, his valour and tactical brilliance were recognised by the Company and he was elected by the Wolf Guard to lead them as their Wolf Lord. The Wulfen Stone contains the Curse to the point that Manton can maintain his composure in battle, yet some of his animal fury shines through.

The saga of the Wulfenwolf is long and stained with the blood of the Emperor's foes. In the Melbourne sector, the Wolf Lord stood toe-to-toe with a Freeblade Knight. Where his Wolf Guard fell in combat, Lord Manton stood firm, forcing the Knight to withdraw without the kill. On the Fitzroy plains Manton met Krom Brule, the vile Daemon Prince of Khorne, in single combat. His shield absorbed a flurry of blows from the Daemon Prince's great axe, then, in the daemon's confusion at the futility of its brutal assault, Manton swung his hammer, delivering a crushing blow to its skull. Krom was banished back to the Warp, liberating the planet Fitzroy from the bloodbath that was sure to come. Manton's fury is renowned, his resolve eternal. He has never lost a challenge and never fled from combat.

On the table top, Lord Manton weighs in at 210 points (218 with Waffle the Wolf):
Wolf Lord
Terminator Armour
Thunder Hammer
Storm Shield
Relic of the Fang: The Wulfen Stone

The Wulfen Stone gives him Rage, which nets him a whopping six S 9 attacks on the charge! Combined with an impressive WS 6, he is a monster in close combat. The stone also gives him, and any unit he is with, Furious Charge. I changed the fluff a bit with this one. I like the old fluff where a facial tattoo meant that a model had the Mark of the Wulfen, and so I worked it into the paint scheme and back story of my Lord. In my version, the Stone keeps the Curse at bay; but the Curse still affects nearby Space Wolves like it does in the newer fluff. 

From humble beginnings to the great and feared Wolf Lord, Lord Manton is finally done! It's hard to believe that it took me two years to get around to painting this guy, but boy am I glad I did it. If you're interested, here is the post where I detail the bits and pieces, as well as the process for the conversion. Lord Manton is ready to lead the Space Wolves to the WinterCon tournament in July. 
For Russ, for the Wolf Time and for the All Father!