Friday, 6 May 2016

Space Wolves: Getting Ready for WinterCon

It's time to get serious. There's an ITC tournament coming up and my training starts today.

I've always seen myself as a casual player. I like painting and modelling and telling stories with my Warhammer. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a challenge here and there. So I've decided to enter myself into a nice big tournament: WinterCon!

For those who don't know, WinterCon is the little sibling of CanCon; one of Australia's biggest 40k tournaments. It's happening in July, so it's time to start my training.

The first step is to get a list together. Although I have no illusions of winning this thing, I still want to give it a good go. With that in mind, I've decided to take my Space Wolves.

The List

Lord Manton - Wolf Lord
Terminator Armour
Thunder Hammer
Storm Shield
The Wulfen Stone
Waffle - Fenrisian Wolf          218

Rune Priest
Mastery level 2
Plasma Pistol                          100

Grey Hunters x10
-Wolf Guard Pack Leader
  -Power Sword
-Power Sword
-Wolf Standard
-Melta Gun x2
-CCW x8
Storm Wolf
-Deathstrike Missiles              456

Grey Hunters x10
-Wolf Guard Pack Leader
  -Melta Bombs
-Melta Guns x2
-CCW x9
Drop Pod                                  238

Grey Hunters x9
-Wolf Guard Pack Leader
-Plasma Gun
-CCW x8
Drop Pod                                  212

-Assault Cannon
-Heavy Flamer
Drop Pod                                 160

Fast Attack
Thunder Wolf Cavalry x3
-Storm Shields x3
-Wolf Claw
-Frost Axe                                205

-Multi Melta                             60

Heavy Support
Long Fangs x5
-Missile Launchers x4
-Flakk Missiles x1
Razorback                                 200

TOTAL - 1,849

My plan with this army is to use The Wolves Unleashed (TWU) detachment from the Codex. Although the new formations and detachments from Curse of the Wulfen are very flavourful and have some cool rules, I decided against using them. I did this because the taxes are too high, I can get the same rules from TWU, and I wouldn't be able to bring my dreadnought on his own; I'd need an Iron Priest and a second dread.

Lord Manton is going to get in the Stormwolf (SW) with the tooled-up Grey Hunters. This unit is definitely a bit of a Death Star. It's a third of my points, but it packs a serious punch. The SW is an assault vehicle, so I can charge straight out if it with a bunch of attacks and Furious Charge from the Wulfen Stone. 

The rest of the army is pretty self-explanatory. The Rune Priest is going to come down with the Plasma-Hunters and hopefully cause some mischief, while the Melta-Hunters will drop down and hopefully pop a vehicle turn 1. Likewise, the dreadnought will drop down and really put the pressure on my opponent.

I love this detachment because it gives you a lot of control over your reserves. I can guarantee that two pods will drop turn 1, and bring my Lord in his Stormwolf in turn 2. The chance of getting Outflank is also nice. If I get lucky and get Outflank for my Thunder Wolves, they will be devastating. 


This is a first draft for this list. I'm pretty confident that the final list will look a lot like this one. But I will probably experiment with a Whirlwind instead of the Razorback, and maybe try to fit a Psychic Hood onto my Rune Priest. 

I've also been thinking that a Wolf Priest on a bike with some Swiftclaws could be a lot of fun, especially as they have a pretty good chance of getting Outflank. Ultimately though, I think the Thunder Wolf Cavalry is the safer bet. They're consistently brutal, and the minis look ace!

To Do

As it's a tourney, they require a 3 colour minimum and the models need to be based. I have quite a bit of work to do. As there are quite a few of them, my Grey Hunters are going to be painted to the bare minimum. Lord Manton still needs a paint-job as do my two remaining Thunderwolves. Though, with 2 months until the event, I'm fairly confident I can get them done. Especially since I'll have two weeks with no uni, and the GF will still have exams - lots of time for painting!

I also still need to buy myself a Stormwolf and some Fenrisian Wolves.

Finally, I need to start playing more games! I need to put this army through its paces, seeing what works, what doesn't, and really refine my tactics to make sure each unit is properly fulfilling its battle-field role. 

What do you think of this list?
Any input would be greatly appreciated 
(I'm a total n00b)
I think to fit the Space Wolf and WinterCon
theme, I'm going to put some snow on the bases...
What do you think?

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