Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Road to WinterCon: The Story So Far

Today I've got a bunch of photos of my army. Over the weeks leading up to WinterCon, to keep myself motivated, I'm going to keep a running log of my progress. So, here it goes....

As you can see, I've got a lot of work to do. There are a bunch of units that need to be painted, and some in dire need of repair. The good news is: it was my birthday last week, so I was able to pick up some Fenrisian Wolves and a Stormwolf to round out my army. I now have a model that is WYSIWYG for every unit of my army.

Lord Manton (needs a shield) and Waffle the Wolf

I've also made a couple of changes to my list. Going through my collection, I noticed that I built my super combat squad to only have the one meltagun. I'm actually pretty happy with this. I think running two meltaguns was a little bit of overkill for a combat unit. So the question came up: what to do with a spare 10 points? I'll be honest, I agonised over this for a couple of days. I wasn't sure whether to put a psychic hood on my Rune Priest, to give my army a little bit of psychic defence, or to upgrade the Razorback to a Whirlwind. After consulting with Jimzan, I decided (on his advice) to go for the Whirlwind. The rationale for this was basically to put out a little bit more damage. I think the combination of the Whirlwind and the Long Fangs will make a nice little firebase with good board-coverage. Slapping down pie-plates is a lot of fun, and Ignores Cover can be pretty useful.

Lord Manton will join these guys in the Stormwolf.
All they need is to be based and a painted banner.

First Game

I played my first game with this list over the weekend. It went well. I think. I certainly learnt some important lessons.

Plasma Squad - not even close

Firstly: always remember to deploy your units! That's right. I completely forgot to deploy my Long Fangs on the board. As this was a tournament practice game I decided (and my opponent agreed) that there were no take-backs and so I was stuck with my stupid decision. This meant that the Long Fangs were stuck in reserve. With some really poor rolling on my part, this left them off the table until turn 4, by which point it was late and I had to start packing up anyway.

Melta Squad - almost there

The second lesson I learnt was to remember the psychic phase! My opponent didn't have any psykers, and I kind of just forgot about my Rune Priest. This didn't hurt so much in the end, as it's only a small part of my game plan. Honestly, it turned out to be a valuable lesson; basically it taught me that even in a game where I'm severely outclassed in the psychic phase, I won't have to worry too much as the bulk of my force isn't affected.

I think I need a Pod Painting Day

These two lessons might sound like stupid, rookie mistakes. And they are! But they came about for a good reason. The way my army is built, it relies more on the speed and hitting power of my Grey Hunter units and my Thunderwolves. With this in mind, it's easy to forget about a unit of missile launchers in the back-field. I also spent a bit of time getting my head around all the unit and weapon profiles and special rules in my army. I did this in the interests of speeding up the game. Usually, I spend a lot of time looking at the reference section at the back of my codex to see who does what and how well they do it. This time I had all of that in my mind. Unfortunately, it was at the expense of the turn sequence!

'Cos one out of three ain't bad...

Despite these oversights, I think I went well. The Stormwolf performed really well. The combination of twin-linked and Power of the Machine Spirit mitigated any drawbacks from jinking, and managed to put out a fair bit of damage, which made up for the lack of missile support from the Fangs.

The third thing I learnt is that grav just isn't that scary. I came up against a White Scars army with about 5 or 6 five-man bike squads with double grav and combi-grav in each. To hurt vehicles, they need to roll sixes, and having my Thunderwolves up front with their storm shields really helped soak up a lot of that damage and protected my Whirlwind from a shellacking.

This model is older than most gamers

I'm grateful to my opponent for bringing a White Scars army. At first I was terrified. Seeing all those bikes, and all that grav, and then having them scout, was pretty overwhelming. But my wolves held up pretty well and managed to do what they do without much hassle. I think overall my strategy is strong enough. I think I have enough of the right tools for the job. That said, I am thinking of putting an axe in my combat squad. All the attacks in the world won't help when you can't even wound your opponent. Stupid bikes...

This 'unit' barely even counts

Hopefully I can get a few more games in to really test my skills, but so far I'm happy with what I've got and think that once I get the hang of what works and what doesn't, I'll be in a position to have a good run at WinterCon.

Yay for interchangeable weaponry!

Time to build and paint my Long Fangs.
Hopefully that will stop me forgetting about them.

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  1. Looking good mate, really keen to see the finished result :)