Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Space Wolves - Progress Update

In the lead up to the WinterCon tournament, I've painted up some more of my Space Wolves. 

I've been furiously painting away for the past couple of weeks, and I think I've made some real progress.

Below you can see the state of my army when I had decided that I was attending the tournament and had decided on which list to bring.

Since then, I've gotten two squads of Grey Hunters painted to a table-top standard, my Storm Wolf painted to a table-top standard, a second Thunder Wolf painted to a good standard, Lord Manton and his wolf, Waffle. 

I'm really happy with this progress. As I said, the Hunters are at a Table-top standard. This is good enough for the tournament, and they still look great amassed as a force on the table, so I'm not too worried that they're a bit ganky, up close. 

I switched the power sword in the combat-Hunter squad for a power axe. I did this to get a bit of AP 2 punch into the unit. Im also thinking of not using the Wolves Unleashed Detachment, and just sticking with CAD. The reserves manipulation is useful, but Objective Secured could prove to be more valuable in a tournament setting.

So, all I have left to paint is a unit of plasma-hunters, 3 Drop Pods, 5 Long Fangs, a Whirlwind turret and one Thunder Wolf. I think this might just get done in time!

Thanks for reading!

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