Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Space Wolves Grey Hunters Update

A few of my Grey Hunters distinguished themselves against Sanguinius' finest this weekend, so I've given them the full paint-job treatment.

Space Wolves Back on Top!

Wolves v Necrons

It's been a long time between drinks. Who would have thought doing a Post Graduate degree would take up so much time? I haven't been up to much, hobby-wise. I started touching up my Stormwolf, but that isn't likely to be finished for a while; it's a big model with a lot of detail. 

This weekend, however, I had a bit of a break from my assignments, so I had time to head down to the club and get my wolves back on the table! I played two games. The first was a 300 point game against Necrons. I was battling against a total n00b (it was only his third game), but I gave him a brutal lesson in close combat (Don't look at me like that! His other two games were against me and he won!). I took a unit of five Grey Hunters with a plasma gun, a Wolf Priest, and a dreadnought with a heavy flamer and multi-melta. My opponent had an Overlord with a War Scythe, a unit of Necron Warriors and three bases of scarabs. 

We played Purge the Alien on a 2'x3' board. There were a couple of turns of moving closer to each other, and then I charged my Grey Hunters into his Warriors and Overlord. It was a bit anti-climactic to be honest. He failed his Ld check and then the Wolves caught the Necrons and cut them down. 

Wolves v Blood Angels

The second game was a much grander affair. It was a 1,500 point battle against Blood Angels. We played a Maelstrom of War mission, Command and Control, with Dawn of War deployment. My army was a stripped back version of the one I took to Wintercon. I dropped the Thunderwolves, the Land Speeder and the Whirlwind. Otherwise, the list was the same.

My opponent had a Storm Raven with a Terminator Captain, Terminator Squad with hammers, shields and lightning claws, and a Death Company Dreadnought. He also had two rhinos with a 5-man tactical squad in each, a Librarian with a Jump Pack and a Command Assault Squad, a Death Company Squad with Jump Packs and another Assault Squad. 

I followed my usual plan. A squad of Hunters with melta-guns came down in a Drop Pod, and the other Pod came down with the plasma-hunters and the Rune Priest. The melta-hunters put on a great show. As soon as they dropped, the popped one of the rhinos, exploding it. Then the Blood Angels got a chance to react. The Command Assault squad and Librarian charged into the plasma-hunters. The Blood Angels were ruthless in their efficiency, cutting the squad down to just one Grey Hunter and the Rune Priest. 

The melta-hunters were a different story. They were charged by the two tactical squads and an assault squad. The Grey Hunters stood staunchly in the face of the assault, launching their own counter attack in response. They then proceeded to spend the next two turns cutting down the Blood Angels. As the dust settled, these four Space Wolves stood, having fought off the assault. They then pursued the remaining Blood Angels and dispatched them with bolter and melta fire. To honour these valiant warriors I painted them up fully, and gave them their company and squad markings. I also painted a blood-drop on each of their weapons as a reminder of this heroic moment in the saga of Lord Manton's Great Company.

As for the rest of the battle, it was a good one. It ended up being very one sided; I scored First Blood, Linebreaker and got a lot of my tactical objectives. My opponent got a bit unlucky with the objectives that he drew. But he played with good humour and it was a genuinely pleasant experience. At one point my Rune Priest managed to escape a combat, only to be pursued, surrounded and executed with a bolt pistol shot. In the end the Terminators, Captain and Death Company dreadnought rampaged through my army, but my drop pods survived, sparing me from being tabled. 

It feels good to finally get a win. It feels like it's been a very long time and it's given me hope for the future. The club is putting on a tournament this weekend in which I plan to use the same army. Hopefully I get a couple of new tales to add to the Saga!

Blood Brothers

Have you played any games recently?
Got any good war stories?

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